Dirty bulk experiment and update on my current physique

Even though I don’t really recommended it I did it anyway – dirty bulking for 10 whole weeks. The results? Not great as you probably imagine, but it was a real treat I’m telling you.

But let’s rewind a little bit to the starting point – the end of my cutting phase.

So at the very beginning of 2016 I started cutting back on calories and being careful with my macros, with a goal of getting down to 10% body fat. Even though the cutting went relatively well (I lost 15 pounds of pure fat), after 14 weeks I reached 12% body fat and stopped cutting. So I didn’t hit the 10% target. I was tired of it and just wanted to eat more again.…

When and how to (lean) bulk

A couple of days ago I updated my last post of my cutting series, saying that I had enough of the caloric deficit stuff and my body is shouting out for more food (even though I am nowhere near lean – I finished my cut at 12% body fat, down from 18%). You can check out the cutting series.


Anyways back to the topic, as I was saying I started eating more and thought it would be a good idea to write down handful of bulking tips and advices for those of you which are wondering when to start bulking, how to do it and when to stop doing it.

It’s not rocket science but if you mess it up you can get all fat and flabby, which I am sure it’s not the goal, especially if you put a lot of time and effort in getting lean before.…