Cutting Season 2 Episode 1 – 18% Body Fat

Remember the cutting season 1 series? Well, it’s that time again. So here’s the 2nd season.

Alright so in the last couple of months, I messed up pretty bad. I did a dirty bulk which lasted roughly 10 weeks and I gained around 20 pounds, most of it fat. I’ve written in more depth about this bulk over here.

To summarize, I started at about 184-185 pounds and 12% body fat and stopped bulking at 205 and 18-19% body fat, which means that I put on around 15 pounds of fat and maybe 5 pounds of muscles over a period of 10 weeks. After that I’ve been maintaining for 4-6 weeks.

Those are the stats. Now let’s see what the plan is.…

Cutting Season 1 Episode 3 – 12% Body Fat

What’s up everybody, I am week number 14 and I am looking forward to finishing up my cut. On the last update – which was at 8 weeks into it – I was still going strong and staying in top of my diet, everything was going smoothly.

But starting lately my eating was all over the place for about 2 or 3 weeks. I binged a lot, I had super high calorie days – as high as 4,000 kcal, mostly over the weekends – and the average daily caloric intake per day was well above maintenance actually for a couple of weeks.

Fortunately it looks like my muscle sucked in all those extra calories and I didn’t put on that much fat.…

Cutting Season 1 Episode 2 – 14% Body Fat

I’ve just finished week number 8 of my Season 1 cut, this is Episode 2 and it’s a follow-up to Episode #1. Just to remind you guys, the planned cutting period is 17 weeks, January 4th to May 1st – which is great timing because on the 1st of May will celebrate the Orthodox Easter this year and there will be some family get together and overeating going on.

So, basically I am halfway through my cut and the results start to show a little bit more than after the first 4 weeks. This cut is part of my 2016 goals – actually the first goal on the list – which is to get down to 10% body fat (or even lower if possible) before starting to lean bulk.…

Cutting Season 1 Episode 1 – 19% Body Fat

If you’ve been reading the blog you may know that last year I started cutting with a goal to get down to a more “decent” body fat percentage, and I failed mostly because of the winter holidays which really threw me off track in terms of nutrition. I also took 2 weeks off from training….in fact I took 2 week off from dieting as well, I literally ate anything I wanted, how much I wanted, spent some quality time with the friends and family, had some fancy diners, you know the drill. Long story short, my cut was high jacked by the winter holidays. Of course it was a stupid thing to plan my cut so that it would overlap with the Christmas season, but that’s that.…