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Monitor your body composition in 4 simple steps

If you are in the “healthy living / weight training / workout” world, you probably heard already a lot of technical or specific terms, including body composition or even better – body recomposition.

Body composition is a pretty important thing that will determine the way you look and it will greatly influence your health and ultimately the way you feel both physically and mentally (self esteem).

Now that we agreed that body composition is important stuff, let’s see why is so important and let’s learn a little bit about it.

Looking at it strictly from a fitness point of view, body composition is just a fancy term used to refer the ratio between the fat mass or muscle mass divided to total body weight.…

The connection between carbs, glycogen and flat muscles

In this post we’re going to discuss briefly about carbs, glycogen storage and why flat muscles not necessarily mean you’ve lost muscle mass.

I’ve first noticed this when I first started bulking after a fairly long cutting period and then I’ve see Chris Jones (check out his channel Pump Chasers if you haven’t already) talking a little bit about this on YouTube the other day and I thought this is a good topic to writing something about.

Carb is the king of the macros

If you’ve been reading the blog you should know already that I am not an advocate of low carb diets. Low carb diets are not any better for losing fat that the traditional caloric deficit way of dieting.…

The absolute truth about low carb diets and carb cycling

I’m not a believer of the weight loss shortcuts, not by a long shot. I know weight loss takes time and that can’t be skipped by a so called cutting edge program, magical pill, a secret diet plan or miraculous and expensive food.

Fortunately for us we have a ton of scientific research and studies behind telling us the plain simple truth: weight loss happens in a caloric deficit and that is that. You just need to eat less to lose fat.

It doesn’t matter what you eat, it doesn’t matter when you eat and it doesn’t matter how many meals you have each day. Well, at least to some extent as you probably know already.

That being said, there still are few controversial topics out there which need attention – and carb cycling is one of the advanced dieting technique we will look at in this article.…

7 ways to successfully ruin your diet

Dieting has been, is and will be a big hype topic. That’s a fact! Even though things are pretty straight forward when it comes to losing or gaining weight and we have a lot of scientific studies backing us up, there are still a lot of people struggling with ineffective diets, regardless of the goals – lose fat or build muscle.

There’s nothing more frustrating than not making progress towards your goals when it seems like you are doing everything right and putting in all the effort. You eat all the right stuff, you are doing your cardio and exercising, yet the results you see in the mirror are not the one you expect.

Even though dieting is pretty straight forward it is very easy to do it wrong if you are not strict and careful.…

How to not get fat when bulking

If you are serious about your gains you should know that you can’t really get stronger and bigger while cutting back on calories. Most, if not all the gains that you will ever make will happen in a caloric surplus, that’s just the way our body works. You need to eat in order to grow. Muscle growth is very much related to caloric intake rather than proteins (which are still important).

Yet many hesitate to go into bulking mode because they afraid they will get fat. This fear is not totally ungrounded. If overdone, bulking can result in a lot of fat gain which will cover all the muscle mass you may have, there will be no separation between the muscles and because of this you will actually look ‘smaller’ than you did when you were leaner.…