Motivational Video: Effort Is So Important (ft. CT Fletcher)

I put together a short motivational video featuring a great speech by CT Fletcher, as always.

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Video transcript:

Have you ever went out for something or tried to do something and when you got home quietly in your room you knew that you had that much more that you could’ve gave, but you didn’t want to look ugly because your girlfriend was looking, or your boyfriend was looking and you didn’t want to look embarrassed.

So I held up a little bit. Then you know in your heart you did not give everything that you had. And you will know it, nobody else will know.

You will know!

Oh man, I could’ve done a little better than that; I could’ve tried a little harder.

A few words on self image and discipline

A few days ago I watched a very cool YouTube video of a guy named Radu Antoniu. This is was not the everyday ‘get lean tips’ video, it was so much more than that.

I’ve been watching Radu for almost a year now and I was aware of his approach to fitness and his ‘philosophy’ (if I can call it that) for that matter, but this video really stood up from all the videos and just made perfect sense to me. In very few words, the summary of the video is that you can do pretty much anything you want if you set your mind right.

That’s no secret you might say, and I agree – this is no news for anybody – but the way he puts into words and into practice made me more aware of it and I just wanted to share that with you too.…

Why most people fail to get lean – Willpower | Motivational Video (ft. CT Fletcher)


Everybody who’s into fitness or aesthetics or just wants to build a nice looking physique is probably interested (to say the least) in controlling their body fat level. Everybody talks about getting lean and staying lean forever once they reached their goal physique.

And there’s nothing to blame them for – moderate to low body fat levels combined with a decent amount of muscle mass is the secret to a nice looking body. But once you get down to extremely low body fat levels such as less than 7% for males and 11% for females things start to get nasty and unhealthy.

Long story short, the body fat level is probably the second most discussed topic in fitness, after muscle building.…