Muscle Building

Monitor your body composition in 4 simple steps

If you are in the “healthy living / weight training / workout” world, you probably heard already a lot of technical or specific terms, including body composition or even better – body recomposition.

Body composition is a pretty important thing that will determine the way you look and it will greatly influence your health and ultimately the way you feel both physically and mentally (self esteem).

Now that we agreed that body composition is important stuff, let’s see why is so important and let’s learn a little bit about it.

Looking at it strictly from a fitness point of view, body composition is just a fancy term used to refer the ratio between the fat mass or muscle mass divided to total body weight.…

The three levels of aesthetic physiques and how to achieve the one you want

I don’t know why you started lifting weights, but I did because I wanted to have a physique that would turn some heads on the street.

Most of the guys who start lifting weights do so with the purpose of looking better and just having a nicer or more impressive physique. Of course the byproduct of that is living a healthier life. Getting the type of physique you want is not just about training hard it’s also about eating healthier and having a healthier lifestyle in general.

When you ask people what their goal is in terms of how they want to look you will get different answers. Some just want to have a six pack, some want to have bigger arms; some want to look toned up and some may want to have an all round muscular physique.…

How to build big calves regardless of your genetics

I don’t know about you but I laugh my ass off when I see a jacked guy with big pecs, arms like guns, wide, thick back……..and when you see him in shorts he has those damn chicken legs.

I’ve seen plenty of guy who have a great upper body, or even great quads, but with very poor calves. If you don’t have a good developed upper body you may get away with it because there is not such an obvious difference between your legs and the rest of the body.

But when you start to get bigger from all the incline bench pressing, all that bicep curls and triceps extension, all that pull-ups and a shitload of dumbbell pressing, your calves will start too lag behind if you do not train them.…

How to make lagging muscle groups grow bigger

If you are like me, or like most people as a matter of fact, you probably have at least one body part that is a bit weaker or that you simply are not happy with. It makes you look slightly dis-proportioned and it may even get in your way of training other parts optimally, even if you don’t know it.

Anyways, having an all around well developed and proportional body is what aesthetics and bodybuilding is all about and a muscle group that is lagging can ruin the overall look of your body, even though everything else is nicely developed.

Now, on a personal note, even though I am not very muscular all around, I can tell that my shoulders have been lagging behind quite a lot.…

Are there good and bad exercises for muscle growth?

If you are wondering which are the best exercises you can do in the gym in order to make gains as fast as possible you are in the right place.

I like to look at the human body as a project – a work in progress project. Your body is your master piece and you are the artist who designs it.

You also have a tool box full of different exercises, different workout routines – high rep, low rep, high volume, low volume, high intensity, low intensity and so on.

The purpose of this article is to see what tools (exercises) we have in that tool box, when and how to use them in order to optimize our progress towards our goals.…