Chest workout routine I’m doing right now

Hello guys and gals, today I am going to present to you my current chest workout routine. This is my favorite body part to train and I am doing a bunch of different chest exercises in the gym.

Right now I am doing a push, pull, legs routine and obviously, the chest is a part of the push day.

I am hitting my chest twice a week. Once on Monday and once on Thursday, so I have 3 – 4 days between my workouts. This is a very good training frequency for any muscle group because your muscles have enough time to recover from the previous training and you are also able to hit twice in one week, which is optimal for growth.

OK, so here is what I do in the gym for my chest.


  • Incline bench using barbell – 4 x 7 reps @ 176 lbs. / 80 kg
  • Decline bench using barbell – 3 x 9 reps @ 176 lbs. / 80 kg
  • Cable crossovers – 3 x 10 reps @ 50 lbs. / 23 kg


  • Incline bench (dumbbells) – 5 x 7 reps @ 66 lbs. / 30 kg
  • Flat bench using barbell – 5 x 8 reps @ 176 lbs. / 80 kg

And this is it.

As you can see I am not doing super high volume per workout, and the intensity is moderate. I try to fit all 10 sets in about 20 minutes and after that, I am doing some triceps and shoulders.

Currently, for chest, I use the same weight for all the sets. Except for the warm-up which I don’t consider to be a part of the training itself. These are also called straight sets. So the first couple of sets are easier. And I don’t go to failure while the last sets become harder and I hit failure on some of the exercises.

I will keep doing the straight sets for a few more weeks (maybe till the winter holidays) and then I am going to get into a pyramid or reverse pyramid sets. It’s a good idea to change things into your workout routine so that you maximize the growth and avoid getting your body used to the movements, tension, and shit. So, keep this in mind. In order to see a change, you need to change something!

Now, back to my current workout. I chose a weight that allows me to do the same number of reps on all the sets and when I am on the very last set I hit failure or I am 1 rep short of the target. I add more weight when I am able to do all the reps on the last sets without hitting failure.

In the past, I used to train every body part just once a week – mostly because I didn’t have enough time to train more often – for quite some months. And did see an improvement in muscle growth when I started to hit everything twice a week. So if you have the option to hit every muscle every 3-4 days or even 5 days do so.

What is your chest routine? What are you doing in the gym?

Over and out,


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