Foods to buy when you try to lose fat

As you may know I just started cutting for the next 8 weeks – you can check the first episone of my shredding program over here – and the first thing I had to do prior to my cut, was to go to the grocery store and get some clean food for the first week of my cut.

I thought it would be good idea to give you a few hints, what to buy and what not to buy in order to make your fat loss easier. Here it goes.

What to get

This is what I got.

  • greek yogurt
  • low fat cheese / cottage cheese
  • milk
  • eggs
  • chicken
  • tuna
  • fish (cod fillet)
  • beef
  • bananas
  • apples
  • frozen veggies
  • rice
  • (sweet) potatoes
  • diet Coke
  • still water

As you can see there are a lot of good proteins sources in there, most of them low in fat. Proteins are very important when cutting and your daily protein intake should be higher than usual. I try to get about 40% of my calories from proteins to make sure I am minimizing any muscle mass loss that might happen during the cut.

By the way, a good way to determine if you are losing any muscle mass is to keep an eye on your strength level. It is normal to have less energy and endurance in the gym when cutting but the strength should be about the same. In fact I noticed a small increase in strength while cutting, but I only train for 1 year and my muscles are still developing relatively easy.

Another very good way is just to look in the mirror and see how your body is changing. Simple tip guys and gals. You will probably start seeing more definition and cuts which many people associate with more muscle mass but don’t let that fool you.

Rice and potatoes are some of my favorite sources of carbs and I also like bananas. So that’s my carbs right there.

Tip: Eat your potatoes with skin – they have very high amounts of fiber.

I do eat bread as well but we are baking that ourselves at home so that’s why it’s not on the shopping list.

I try to get 1 or 2 servings of fruit each day and have some veggies every other day or so. These are good for the micronutrients, fibers and I am sure there are plenty of other health benefits that I don’t know about. Or at least this is what the doctors are telling us. So get your fruits and vegetables every day.

For drinking I have mainly water, occasionally some milk (usually when I’m low on my protein intake) and when I feel like having a soda I get myself some diet Coke or Pepsi out of the fridge. But mainly it’s just water.

What not to get

I don’t get foods that are high in fat, highly processed (bacon, sausages, salami), I don’t get snacks, crackers, nuts & seeds, sweets and any other type of foods that you can eat forever even if you are not hungry. I also try to eat less canned foods. In the past I used to eat a lot of canned fish like sardines which are really high in fat and sodium and I just felt that they are holding me back from losing weight.

That’s pretty much it, I hope I haven’t left out anything important. What is on your food shopping list?

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