Motivational Video: Effort Is So Important (ft. CT Fletcher)

I put together a short motivational video featuring a great speech by CT Fletcher, as always.

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Video transcript:

Have you ever went out for something or tried to do something and when you got home quietly in your room you knew that you had that much more that you could’ve gave, but you didn’t want to look ugly because your girlfriend was looking, or your boyfriend was looking and you didn’t want to look embarrassed.

So I held up a little bit. Then you know in your heart you did not give everything that you had. And you will know it, nobody else will know.

You will know!

Oh man, I could’ve done a little better than that; I could’ve tried a little harder. And if you had, I promise you that you would be satisfied with your effort.

Effort is so important. It is so important, the effort that you give.

On my last competition, I was unsuccessful with my attempt but I considered it my greatest competition. Why CT? You didn’t get it.

Because the day before that competition my doctor looked me in the face and said: <<if you go out there and you try to bench press 705 pounds, it’s going to kill you. Your valve is too weak; it will be too much of a strain and it will explode right there on the stage and you will die in front of all these people.>>

My doctor told me that.

Is there a victory in that? You’re god damn right it is. Anytime that you give your best effort, that you give everything that you possibly can give, that is satisfaction. And knowing that I did my absolute best, I did all I can do, there’s victory in that, there’s satisfaction in that.

I have trained my whole life for this; I have devoted my life to this. This is the reason for my existence. This is why I am here, and you are asking me if I am going to compete?

How do you teach that? How do you teach people to not look at something and say immediately because the appearance, I can’t do it, I give up, before they even attempted.

Effort is so important. It is so important, the effort that you give.

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